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Training the "Owner"

Updated: Jan 26

Yes, that is correct! You read that right, the owner needs to be trained when it comes to developing the socialization of your new puppy. With the Corso, it's ultimately important to get to know the habits and inclinations of this breed. We all know by now they have a dominant streak and are quite intelligent. They are able to apply reason to their decision making and are great problem solvers. In order to maintain a sense of obedience with this breed and make sure their level of self-confidence is nurtured and allowed to grow, you have to adapt.

I've found that they have the ability to emulate people's behavior and adapt well to words commonly used in your household. Beyond the standard single word commands, such as sit, stay, come, etc. Dogs do process single word commands, but they do react when you actually talk to them and use the proper tone of voice. They key off tone and respond well to praise, since all they really want in life is to please you...thus making sure you continue to provide food and shelter - a basic need for all living creatures.

Hire a professional trainer for your puppy as early as possible and do your homework as prescribed by your trainer. Working with the dog daily will yield excellent results. I cannot say enough about socialization and behavioral training for both the owner and the pet you've chosen. The rewards are significant and you won't have to work so hard coexisting with this large breed animal.

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