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The Remarkable Cane Corso

Our dedication to the Cane Corso breed sets us apart. We don't just breed dogs; we foster lifelong relationships, ensuring each Corso finds its perfect family. Hear from our satisfied clients about their experiences with their new companions.

Formentino Sire Corso

Welcome to Ancient Roots Cane Corsos

At Ancient Roots Cane Corso, our mission is to celebrate the legacy of the Cane Corso breed, providing families and individuals with not just a pet, but a lifetime companion. Our dedication goes beyond breeding; it's about nurturing a deep, rewarding connection between these majestic dogs and their new families.

What We Offer

We currently have one male puppy available. He was targeted to be our next stud sire, however our plans have changed and we are offering him up for adoption. Please contact us to discuss if you are interested.

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Education & Resources

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Female Corso

Ready to Meet Your Forever Friend?

Embark on a remarkable journey with Ancient Roots Cane Corsos. Our mission is to connect you with a Cane Corso – a noble, loyal companion that embodies both strength and gentleness. We're dedicated to finding the perfect match for your family, offering lifelong support and guidance. Contact us to learn more about these magnificent creatures or to schedule a visit. Your new loyal friend is waiting to meet you!

Dog with good temperament calm protective

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Feel the pride and joy that comes with owning a Cane Corso, a breed unlike any other. It's not just a pet; it's a lifestyle.

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